Each facial is customized to meet your skin’s needs. Our estheticians will analyze your skin and create the perfect facial to help achieve your goals. For best results we recommend a minimum of three treatments with a personalized home-care system.

Services with an * do not include extractions due to time limitations or specific techniques employed during the facial.

Tulasāra™ Facial Treatments

Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can be treated with this customized facial. Your Tulasāra™ facial will be designed to balance your skin and reveal its natural beauty.

30 Minutes*$65
60 Minutes$95

Spa Concepts Stress-Relieving Facial*

A head-to-toe experience customized for total body relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Combines the power of aroma with a variety of facial techniques and the Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel℠. Stress-relieving rituals are used to release stress in the shoulders, neck and upper back and ease tension with an integrated hand, foot and scalp massage.

75 Minutes$140

Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Facial*

Instantly restore optimal skin moisture levels while leaving skin feeling nourished and plump, minimize the appearance of fine, dry lines, and strengthen your skin’s protective lipid barrier with cactus fruit stem cells and plant-derived hyaluronic acid. Results include an immediate doubling of skin’s hydration and an improvement in all day moisture.

75 Minutes$115

Botanical Kinetics Instant Luminizing Facial*

Reveal smoother, glowing skin with a more even skin tone. Snow lotus plant stem cells add brightness to your complexion while plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids help gently exfoliate dead, dull, surface cells. Results include improved skin smoothness, texture, radiance, and luminosity.

75 Minutes$115

Botanical Kinetics Pore Refining Facial*

Gently resurface skin texture for smooth, poreless-looking skin. Sweet clover plant stem cells help reinforce and smooth outer skin layers and reduce visible pores. Plant-derived beta hydroxy acid sloughs away dirt and dead skin cells to help clarify skin and clear excess oil and debris within pores. Results include a significant improvement in pore size and purity.

75 Minutes$115

Dual Exfoliation Treatment*

Experience immediate results with this advanced, non-invasive, skin-renewing treatment that combines exfoliation methods into one powerful service. Results include improved skin texture, radiance, and clarity, smoothed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refined pores, and younger-looking skin.

75 Minutes $165

Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel℠ Facial*

A plant-powered thermal peel that retexturizes skin, smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, refines pores and provides the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation.

30 Minutes$70
60 Minutes$105
Add-on Service$25

Essential Back Treatment

A deep-cleansing treatment for the back, neck and shoulders that includes exfoliation, extractions, light massage, and a masque. Essential before any back-exposed occasion.

60 Minutes$100


Achieve dramatic results with this non-surgical method used to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne scars, and more. Newer skin is stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin, leaving your skin looking younger. (For best results we recommend a minimum series of three treatments with a personalized home-care system.)

30 Minutes*$80
60 Minute Facial$130


This amazing exfoliating treatment removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz with no downtime, leaving your skin brighter, smoother, glowing, and more youthful. Experience greater penetration of skin care products and smoother makeup application.

60 Minutes$130
30 Minute add-on*$65

Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial*

Aveda’s natural alternative to microdermabrasion utilizing the power of pulverized walnut shells for glowing skin.

30 Minutes$70
60 Minutes$105

Eye Treatment

A soothing experience to help relieve tension, diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness and revitalize the skin. 15-minute add-on to any facial.

Eye Treatment$25


Signature Hydrafacial™

This invigorating treatment will deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and extract impurities from your skin and simultaneously infuse nourishing ingredients to hydrate your skin. Finished with Aveda moisturizer, eye cream, and an aroma ritual.

Signature Hydrafacial™$180
Series of 3$480

Deluxe Hydrafacial™

This amazing facial includes everything in the Signature Hydrafacial, plus a personalized booster to address your specific skin concerns and LED Light Therapy to combat acne or further reduce visible signs of aging by stimulating collagen and elastin production.


Deluxe Hydrafacial™$230
Series of 3$630

Platinum Hydrafacial™

Includes everything in the Deluxe Hydrafacial, plus a relaxing lymphatic therapy session for face firming and contouring.

Platinum Hydrafacial™$280
Series of 3$765

Hydrafacial™ Personalized Boosters

Oily. Dry. Dehydrated. When it comes to your skin, what are you working with? It can be complicated to figure out exactly what’s going on there, we know. Because each skin type has different needs, it’s important to assess and determine your skin type, so that you can treat it effectively. We’re breaking down different skin types, from oily skin to dry skin and dehydrated skin — simply click here to find out more!


Murad Clarifying Booster
Treats acne and prevents future breakouts by cleansing, dissolving excess oil, and purifying pores. With salicylic acid and green tea extract. Winner of the 2022 Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Acne Award for Best Facial Benefits.
JLO Beauty Booster
Developed in partnership with Jennifer Lopez and JLO BEAUTY® skincare technology, the JLO Beauty Booster by Hydrafacial is our latest super serum, elevating the Hydrafacial experience to tighten, brighten & hydrate. This nutrient-rich booster helps soften and smooth while improving suppleness to achieve an even, dewy-fresh, glowing complexion. An ideal booster in preparation for a big event.
Advanced Age-Refining Peptide Complex that helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.
Alpha-Arbutin & Vitamin C Brightening Solution that brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sun spots.
Restore™ Skin Perfecting Protein Solution
Restores skin health and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Designed with next-generation growth factor technology and breakthrough M-007 delivery technology, regenerative peptides mimic growth factors to boost collagen and elastin production, treat inflammation, accelerate skin repair and provide hydration. M-007 delivery technology facilitates deeper, more effective absorption for faster, more visible results.

Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment

The Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Health treatment is a scalp facial that creates the optimal environment for natural hair growth. Designed to deeply cleanse clogged follicles, infuse concentrated ingredients into skin, and hydrate your scalp, it results in healthier and fuller-looking hair. While it’s similar to the traditional 3 step Hydrafacial, the 3rd step includes a take home spray to help you maintain results in between appointments. Consider Hydrafacial Keravive a 30-day treatment rather than a 30-minute one.

Partial treatment $299
Partial treatment addresses a focused area of concern such as the frontal hairline or crown. Includes Keravive peptide take-home spray.
Series of 3$810
Full treatment $399
Full treatment addresses the entire scalp. Includes Keravive peptide take-home spray.
Series of 3$1080

Hydrafacial Add-Ons

Lip or Eye Perk Add-on$50
Exfoliate, hydrate, and plump your lips, or brighten and refresh your outer eye area. Includes a take-home serum for daily application.
Lymphatic Treatment Add-on$75
Begin your Hydrafacial with this relaxing session for face firming and contouring.
Neck and Decollete Add-on $125
A Signature Hydrafacial for your neck and decollete.
Dermaplaning Add-on$65

LED Therapy

LED Express Facial*

A customized, technology-driven facial to treat acne, combat wrinkles and aging, or reduce redness and inflammation. LED therapy kills acne-causing bacteria, stimulates collagen/elastin production, and boosts cellular metabolism. Physician’s authorization required if pregnant or lactating, history of epilepsy, or taking medicines that cause photosensitivity. Includes a skin analysis, cleanse, 30 minutes of LED therapy, and moisturizer. Series are non-refundable and the value can only be used for the service for which it was purchased.

LED Express Facial*$75
Series of 3 LED Express Facials*$204

LED Therapy - 30-minute add-on

Single 30-Minute Add-on$45
Series of 3 30-Minute Add-ons$120
Series of 6 30-Minute Add-ons$210

LED Therapy - 15-minute add-on

Single 15-Minute Add-on$25
Series of 3 15-Minute Add-ons$66
Series of 6 15-Minute Add-ons$120