We offer luxury salon services. All services include a complimentary hot towel experience and signature aroma journey.

Female Haircut 45 -75+
Female Child Haircut (for 6 to 10 year olds)$40-$65+
Male Haircut $30-$55+
Male Child Haircut (for 6 to 10 year olds)$27-$45+
Blowout (includes shampoo)$35-$65+
Updo/Formal Hair$58-$85+
Hot Tool Styling$15-$30+
Price for each 15 minutes (shampoo not included)


We offer flawless single and multi-dimensional color services. They add shine and texture to the hair using Aveda Full Spectrum™, 97% damage-free color system created from pure plant and flower ingredients. Your investment in highlight, color, and wave services is based on time, condition of hair, complexity of application, and desired result.

All-over Color $70-$100+
Balayage $165-$200+
Ombre $165-$200+
Root Touch-up $65-$95+
Full Head Highlight$85-$130+
Foils from front to back of head (2 bowls color)
Heavy Highlight$125-$170+
Foils over the entire head for a dramatic, saturated effect (4 bowls color)
Partial Head Highlight$70-$95+
Highlight the crown or hairline, or produce a face-framing effect using up to 25 foils (1 bowl color)
Male Color $55-$85+
Add-on Female Haircut to Any Color Service $40-$70+
Add-on Male Haircut to Any Color Service $25-$50+
Demi/Color Shine Treatment (Add-on)$27+
Add-on Root Touch-up to Balayage or Highlight$60-$90+
Extra Bowl of Color $27+
Color Correction$100+/hr


Brazilian Blowout: Long$335-$350+
Brazilian Blowout: Medium$305-$325+
Brazilian Blowout: Short$280-$300+
Keratin Treatment (short to medium) $360-$380+
Keratin Treatment (long) $460-$480+
Keratin Express $180-$200+
Botanical Repair™ Professional Treatment Standalone$60-$90+
Strengthen & repair hair from the inside out with our revolutionary, plant-derived, bond-building treatment that instantly improves the look and feel of damaged hair, leaving it looking healthier, softer and shinier. Ideal for anyone who colors their hair or uses hot tools.
Botanical Hair Treatment Add-on $27+
This dry remedy treatment improves your hair’s hydration up to 86% with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving you with soft, silky, shiny hair.
Botanical Repair™ Professional Treatment Add-on$27+
Botanical Scalp Treatment Add-on$27+
This customized scalp massage corrects imbalances and creates the foundation for healthy hair. Aromatherapy oils and plant enzymes improve the condition of hair and scalp up to 96%.
Pramasana™ Scalp “Facial” $65-$95+
With an aroma of grapefruit, neroli and cypress, this treatment balances, strengthens, and protects the scalp from pollution and free radicals using seaweed extract, lactobacillus, and tamanu oil.


Transform your confidence and appearance with this innovative extension system. Add natural-looking volume, fullness and color with one visit in as little as 15 minutes. VOMOR™ extensions are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines. They’re also comfortable, natural, and undetectable. Pricing starts at $276 for a 1-box transformation and goes up to $1620 for the works. Complimentary consultation required to determine hair goals and pricing prior to day of service.

VOMOR™ Hair Extensions$276-$1620